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I am an experienced independent Medical Auditor specializing in auditing and negotiating medical bills for Jones Act, Longshore, and Self-Insured employers. 

Jennifer Ockmond

Audit Specialist


We audit bills from providers and facilities all over

the United States and have extensive experience

adjusting medical invoices related to all commercial
illness & injury Claims:

·  Jones Act

·  Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation

·  General Liability

Instead of relying on generic computer programs to generate estimates, we work diligently using every tool available to pinpoint potential savings during the line-audit process. We review all invoices line-by-line according to the state’s “Usual and Customary” Fee Schedule, scrutinizing each entry to identify inaccurate, extraneous, or duplicate charges. Upon request, we can also conduct a “medical necessity” review to carve out any unnecessary or unauthorized charges.

For Jones Act Claims, we also perform a comparative analysis of federally-published

“Usual and Customary” charges to calculate a fair settlement. We negotiate signed Settlement Agreements where appropriate to secure more substantial discounts from medical providers such as:

·   Hospitals & Ambulatory Surgery Centers

·   Physicians & Home Health services

·   Anesthesiologists & CRNAs

·   Physical Therapy Clinics & DMEs

·   MRI & Diagnostic Testing facilities

·   Ambulance & Air Transport services


For medical invoices received via e-mail, we have line-audits returned to you within three

(3) business days. For settlement negotiations, we usually obtain a signature within two (2) weeks, but sometimes within a few days, depending on the medical facility’s protocol.


We provide our auditing services on a contingency basis—if we don’t save you money, there is no fee for our services. It is a win-win situation for our Clients. Our invoicing is simple and straightforward, with no hidden administrative fees.

Our invoice is calculated at a fixed percentage of the savings for each audited medical bill, for both Fee Scheduled line-audits and Settlement Agreements.

We can charge less than the industry standard of 25-35% for our audit work because we have streamlined the Medical Audit Process by conducting communications via e-mail
and electronic fax, eliminating the expenses of postage & hard copy. All audits are stored electronically for ten (10) years at no additional charge.

The bottom line is: If we don't save you money on a bill, you don’t get a bill from us.

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We "know the ropes" when it comes to negotiating medical claims.

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